How does a family farm work?

Hudson Farms is your typical family farm. What we mean by that is every one of us has a role in making each season successful. Yes, even the kiddos. From driving endless hours on the tractor, watching and predicting weather patterns, conducting the ballet of bin trailers and forklifts during harvest, to, of course, taste testing the final awaited product!
All of us as a family are so fortunate to have one another to lean on and learn from to provide the freshest produce. We are blessed with past generations of family farming knowledge that have been essential for daily life on the farm.


  • Irrigation
  • Thinning small fruit on the trees so that the fruit that’s left will grow into nice large pieces of fruit
  • Plant garden for fruit stand
  • Equipment maintenance
    • Any equipment going through the field needs to be ready to roll


  • Harvest
  • Getting ready for more harvest
  • Irrigation
  • Equipment maintenance


  • Put fertilizer down
  • Weed management to get through the winter


  • Pruning
  • Dormant tree maintenance
  • Weed management to get through summer
  • Blossom health management

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